EZY-STAMP Inspection Marker

EZY-STAMP Inspection Marker
Pneumatic powered “EZY-STAMP” makes inspection marking quick and easy.

The EZY-STAMP-250 kit includes One (1) 1/4” Character hand stamp set of numbers #0 thru 9 and "E". This tool is normally used for recertification of DOT cylinders.

The EZY-STAMP-375 kit includes One (1) 3/8” Character hand stamp set of numbers #0 thru 9.

Use of the tool requires both hands. One to locate and hold the stamp against the part to be marked, and one to hold and push the EZY-STAMP against the stamp while actuating the trigger. When the trigger is pulled, a series of hammer blows "Burp" will create the mark. A one second "Burp" is all that is required. The stamp face may be inserted back into its indentation and a second "Burp" of the tool can create a deeper impression.

Tool WEIGHTS approximately 5 pounds.

HOW TO USE: 1. Engage air pressure of 20 to 90 psi. 2. Insert hand stamp of choice into the holder. You may want to hold the stamp in place by hand. 3. Position hand stamp face on part to mark, apply firm pressure to "EZY-STAMP" and pull trigger to allow tool to "BURP" and indent stamp into your parts surface.
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