Model 7800 - 3/4 Ton Max ForceZoom

Model 7800 - 3/4 Ton Max Force

Item# model-7800
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Model 7800 Double Air Impact Markers are available in 1 inch and 2 inch stroke models. These markers are designed with a built-in stamp retainer in the rod end. The compact size permits mounting and marking in areas of limited space.

The 2 inch stroke model is a non-lube unit and may be equipped with an optional proximity switch to verify rod retraction.

MAX force 1,500 lbs at 80 psi. Recommended operating air pressure is 20-80 PSI. Both 1 inch and 2 inch stroke models are equipped with a NON-ROTATING Rod that maintains the stamp character orientation and does not require additional length to be built into the marker.

Interchangeable steel stamps to fit into rod style A and B are sold separately. See these stamps displayed in our Air Impact Marker Section.
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