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Model 8800 3 Ton Max Force

Item# model-8800
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Model 8800 Single Acting Air Impact Marker is an efficient, dependable marker ideal for shift, plant, and ID codes.

Available in two standard rod styles with built-in stamp holders. Rod style B is standard and holds 1 interchangeable steel stamp. Rod style A is optional and holds 5 to 10 interchangeable steel stamps depending on character size. (Steel stamps are sold separately).

Rods are keyed and non-rotating to insure a consistent location of mark.

The marker is capable of delivering a mark throughout it's 2-1/2 inch stroke range. The marker develops its maximum impact blow of 3 tons at 80 psi and 2-1/4 inch stroke.

The rod is spring returned. Recommended operating air pressure is 20-80 PSI.

Interchangeable steel stamps to fit into rod style A and B are sold separately. See these stamps displayed in our Air Impact Marker Section.
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