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Stamp Perfect SS Ring Marking Machine

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Click here to view and print Stamp Perfect SS Ring Marking Tool user instructions

The STAMP PERFECT SS RING MARKING TOOL is designed to self center, hold, and mark ring sizes from 4 through 16 and all ring widths and thicknesses. Once set up is complete, simply push down firmly on the padded lever to indent the hand stamp character into the face of the ring.

We recommend STEELSTAMPS.COM's SS Premium hand stamps shown below, and Custom Font hand stamps, however any manufacturer’s hand stamp with body size measuring 1/4 inch square x 2-1/2 inch overall length will work in the machine. Foreign (metric) made stamps may not be compatible. Normally, character sizes 1/16 inch, 3/32 inch, and 1/8 inch are used.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Set up is quick and easy. All adjustments can be made by hand. Very quiet operation.

SAVE $ and have everything you need to start marking.

The DELUXE PACKAGE includes the following:


2. 3/32 or 1/8 inch character SS Precision Ground Premium Letter and Number Hand Stamp Set.

3. Punctuation Set, includes Ampersand, Hashtag, Dash, Plus Sign, Period, Comma, Center Point, Quote Mark, Colon, and Forward Slash.

The PREMIUM PACKAGE includes all of the items in the Deluxe Package and Pendant and Bracelet Marking Tool.

Click here to view SS Ring Pendant-Bracelet Marking Tool user instructions

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