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Stamp Perfect SSP Pneumatic

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The SSP is equipped with our UNIVERSAL STAMP HOLDER that will hold ANY and ALL manufacturers' hand stamps up to 1/2 SQUARE or ROUND BODY. The magnetic holding device makes changing hand stamps super-fast.

The Stamp Perfect SSP PNEUMATIC machine is very easy to operate.

1. Insert your hand stamp into the magnetic stamp holder. (You may have to raise the machine head by turning the height adjusting screw.

3. Position the piece to mark on the sliding anvil base under the stamp face as required.

4. The face of the hand stamp should be positioned approximately 1/2" above the marking surface of the piece you intend to mark. Use the height adjusting screw to move the head up or down as required.

5. Pull the actuating lever down to place the face of the stamp against the piece to mark. Once the stamp face comes in contact with the piece, continue to pull the handle down to actuate the hammer blow.

OPTIONAL: SSP PENDANT MARKING TOOL. Fits into the standard sliding anvil plate slot in the base of machine. The pendant marking tool is used to stamp on a radius around charms, disks, and washers. Select from pull down window above.

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