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Click here to view and print Stamp Perfect SSP user instructions

Click here to view and print Stamp Perfect Pendant Marking Tool user instructions

Our most quiet machine is very easy to set up and operate. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. The SSP’s stamping power range allows you to mark very thin charms with minimal distortion to stainless steel charms, spoons and forks. Strong enough to stamp most 1/4" (6mm) Logos.

Stamp Perfect SSP standard equipment includes:

1. SSP UNIVERSAL STAMP HOLDER, holds ANY and ALL manufacturers' hand stamps up to ˝” square or round body. The magnetic holding device makes changing hand stamps super-fast.

2. STAMP PERFECT MAGNETIC TAPE, make your own jewelry holding fixtures. The tape may be cut with scissors or utility knife to fit the contour of your jewelry piece.

3. Quick Positioning Kit, kit includes One (1) Point hand stamp, use to find the center of the stamp's character position and Two (2) pieces magnetic tape, each end cut on 45 degree angle.

OPTIONAL: SSP PENDANT MARKING TOOL. Fits into the standard sliding anvil plate slot in the base of machine. The pendant marking tool is used to stamp on a radius around charms, disks, and washers. Select from pull down window above.

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