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Stamp Perfect SSU

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Click here to view and print Stamp Perfect SSU user instructions

Click here to view and print Stamp Perfect Pendant Marking Tool user instructions

The STAMP-PERFECT SSU is equipped with our UNIVERSAL STAMP HOLDER that holds ANY and ALL manufacturers' hand stamps up to 3/8 SQUARE or ROUND body. The magnetic holding device makes changing hand stamps super-fast.

You may upgrade your machine with our DELUXE or PREMIUM packages. Make your selection from the pull down window above. See descriptive photos of the packages to the left.

DELUXE PACKAGE includes the following:

1. The STAMP PERFECT SSU machine with universal magnetic stamp holder.

2. 3/32 inch character premium letter and number hand stamp sets, or, you may choose 1/8 inch character from the pull down window above.

3. Quick positioning kit, Kit includes One point hand stamp. Used to find the center of the stamps character position and Two pieces of magnetic tape, each end cut on 45 degree angle. When placed together they provide a square corner in which to cradle your part.

4. Flexible Magnetic Tape, 1/16 inch thick, 1 inch wide x 12 inch long. May be cut with scissors or utility knife to make your own jewelry, tag, or data plate holding fixtures.

5. Punctuation hand stamp set is sized to be used with 3/32 or 1/8 inch character hand stamps. Punctuation Set, includes Ampersand, Hashtag, Dash, Plus Sign, Period, Comma, Center Point, Quote Mark, Colon, and Forward Slash.


Includes everything in the Deluxe Package, plus our Symbol hand stamp set that includes a Heart, Double Heart, Ribbon, Cross, Star, Infinity, Peace, Flower, Paw, and Fish.

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